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Family Participation Points

To host competitions and other events, families are required to volunteer to earn volunteer credits based on their child’s group commitment: Family Participation Points “FPP”s.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Points are assigned to each level within the Stingrays: higher levels more requirement, newer levels lesser. 
  2. Each point is a valued at $100.  At point of Registration, Families submit their appropriate amount to be held in trust.
    1. Amounts must be accounted for PRIOR to the first day of swimming.  Preferred payment can be made via Credit Card, EMT.  PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED for your Swimmer’s membership to be approved and active. 
    2. Families with multiple members, the number of points required are calculated at:
      1. Highest level swimmer points commitment
      2. 1 point per swimmer thereafter, regardless of group
  3. Successful completion of FPPs results in a credit to be held for the 2024-25 season or can be gifted back to DST or another DST family in the 2023-24 season.
    1. It is the responsibility of the member to complete their ONLINE SIGNUP through the DST site to ensure accurate accounting of volunteer sessions.  Uncertain how to do this?  Please contact our Volunteers Coordinator officials@duncanstingrays.com
  4. Failure to earn some or all volunteer points will result in the non refund of funds held in lieu.


Swim Group

Points Required

1 point = $100 invoiced at

start of season

Ways to Earn FPPs:

Additional notes

regarding FPPs


  • Volunteer at a DST Event
  • Work towards SNC Officials Certification*
  • Lead an Organizational Committee
  • “See a Need Fill a Need”
  • enhance YOUR team!
  • To receive your FPPs, members MUST SIGN UP ONLINE through your DST online account for each Event
  • FPPs can be earned by multiple family members at the same event

D Group



C Group



B Group



A Group



commitment commences 2nd season







* DST encourages families to participate as an Official at all competitions their Swimmer attends.
By doing so, you will learn more about the Sport your Child has chosen and thus find greater joy in your child’s participation in Swimming.

** For more information regarding Swimming Natation Canada’s Officials Certification Pathway, please visit: