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In lieu of the CAC closure, The Stingrays will be swimming out of
a couple of different venues (FJCC & QMS)
for the period of June 13 - 26, 2022. 

Stay up to date by following the Event Page for this period.

Thanks to our membership for their flexibility in accessing the necessary water for our Swimmers!


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our next INFORMATION SESSION will  early Sept
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Latest News

All of our lastest news and announcements

MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 03dec2021)

Dear DST Families,

Our first Orange & Black Meet was a huge success, with many of our younger swimmers competing for the first time and having a great time doing so! My gratitude is extended to the coaches, parent volunteers, and senior swimmers who helped make it run smoothly and provide supervision and reassurance for our youngest swimmers. A great time was had by all!

Further to our recent email, starting today Coach Leanne and her staff will be providing all DST swimmers with a backpack tag that will clearly identify them as members of our swim team, and thereby exempt from the CAC's proof of vaccine policy. As you are aware, youth sports teams with athletes under 22 years of age are exempt from this requirement. 

It is important to note, however, that parents and other family members over 12 years of age will have to provide proof of vaccination to enter the pool. This includes parents who have been going into the changeroom to help their younger swimmers prepare for their practice sessions and afterwards change to go home. 

We know that some families may wish to workout or enter the pool with their other children while their athletes work out with the Stingrays; please remember that you must pay your admission fee to use the facilities. Additionally, if you need to drop your child off earlier than 10 minutes before their swim practice and wish for them to swim freely in the pool before practice, they must also pay an admission fee for a free swim.

Unfortunately, we have been made aware by the front-desk staff of the Cowichan Aquatic Centre (CAC) that some of our families have been misinterpreting the invitation to enter the changeroom with their child as an opportunity to also swim or shower, or that some Stingrays athletes have been entering as athletes and free swimming in the wave pool on days that they are not scheduled to practice. This cannot continue. If it does, then we may need to return to our James Street entry protocols, which includes a shorter window to drop your child off and a strict no-entry policy for parents. We do not want to do this, and trust our families will help us.

If there are any questions or concerns about the entry protocols for our athletes and families for the CAC, please reach out to me, Coach Leanne, or any of our board members. We'd be happy to help you navigate these seemingly murky waters so that your swimmers can continue to get the best experience of being part of a swim team as possible. 


Leanne Schultz
Volunteer President
Duncan Swim Team Society

MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 02dec2021)

Dear DST Families,

By now, you will have likely received information about the Cowichan Aquatic Centre's decision to require all visitors aged 12 and up to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. As a user group, the Duncan Stingrays Swim Team will comply with the CAC’s updated requirement.

So what does this mean for our swimmers and families?

Swim practices:

  • All swimmers aged 23 and up must be vaccinated in order to participate in practices that take place at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre. 
  • It will be required that all members provide proof of DST membership upon entering the facility.  Members will be provided with a Stingrays key chain / dog tag that can be attached to the swim bags to quickly and effectively 'prove' their Stingrays membership at the CAC's front doors.  Until your swimmer is given theirs, we would ask that all use their Stingrays swim cap as the interim 'proof'.

· If you / or your child is not able to continue swimming for a period of time until they receive a vaccination or the proof of vaccination requirement is dropped, please contact our Administrator Katrina (admin@duncanstingrays.com) to discuss updates to your fees.  Our Team’s Withdrawal Policy of ‘30 days + remaining days in the month’ will be waived if you respond by 07dec2021.

Recent & Upcoming swim meets:

  • Orange & Black Meet — December 1, 2021
  • DST Winter Break Invitational — December 11th & 12th 
  • VI Regional Championships — January 28th-30th 

In order to ensure that our hardworking parents and volunteers are not placed in situations where they are required to defend and enforce the CAC's vaccine proof policy, the DST Board has voted to not allow spectators at our upcoming meets until further notice.

We recognize that this may be disappointing news, especially for parents of our younger swimmers. However, we are working very hard to set up a live-streaming feed for our families so that they can watch their swimmers and share this experience with friends and families near and far. 

Please be assured that our older swimmers and coaching staff will make sure that your younger swimmers are prepared for their first races, have all of their gear on, and make it to the blocks on time. 

Please remember, you can choose to volunteer to help out at most meets. Volunteer officials will be allowed to come on deck to fulfil their duties and watch their swimmer in person during the course of their volunteer shift. (Note that per the CAC guidelines, volunteers must be fully vaccinated and prepared to show proof of vaccination.) You can find out more about volunteer duties by contacting our  volunteer Officials Coordinator, Lisa Helmer-Preston, at  officials@duncanstingrays.com 

Thank you for your understanding, and we are looking forward to the time when we can all be together again on deck, cheering our swimmers on.


Leanne Schultz
Volunteer President
Duncan Swim Team Society

MESSAGE from the DST President
(message emailed to all current DST membership 09aug2021)

Dear DST Families,

What a year it's been! I think everyone — swimmers, parents, coaches and volunteers — needs to take a minute to congratulate themselves for an incredible swim season. Although we missed out on much of the fun perks of swim club (swim meets, gathering together as a team, early morning practices, etc.), we were able to do what a lot of other community sports weren't, which was to provide space, time, and opportunity for our children to safely enjoy their sport throughout the year. I want to especially congratulate our coaching staff, led by indomitable Head Coach Leanne Sirup, for being so flexible and resilient. Along with Coach Brent, she developed our safety plans and protocols, worked tirelessly with the Aquatic Centre to guarantee as much pool time as possible for our kiddos, and made the year as fun and "normal" as possible. 

As we gear up for our next season (which we're anticipating will be a welcome return to our accustomed ways of operating), I need to share that our Club President, Amber Battie, will be stepping back from her volunteer commitment for personal reasons. In her capacity as President over the past two years, Amber has led our club through the COVID-19 crisis, and words aren't enough to express our appreciation for all that she does. Please join me in wishing Amber all the best as she conquers her next challenge — we hope to see her back next year! 

I know it's been so long since we've seen each other's faces. With recent announcements of BC's Restart Plan, the DST Board and Coaches, along with some dedicated volunteer parents, have been planning a Team Barbecue for Sunday, September 12th between 3:30 to 6:30 at Glenora Trailhead Park. This will be a great opportunity for families and swimmers from all groups, new and returning, to gather together. Our hardworking Apparel Committee will have some suits and other gear to try on and order for the upcoming season, and best of all, we'll be able to celebrate our swimmers' accomplishments at our annual awards ceremony. More details will be released closer to the time, but mark your calendars. This is one team event you won't want to miss!

Finally, if you're curious about volunteering and how you can contribute to our incredible swim team, email me at president@duncanstingrays.com and I'd be happy to connect. We've made some positive changes over the last year to create fulfilling, but not difficult, opportunities for all parents and friends of our swim club to volunteer their time and contribute.

On behalf of the DST board, my best wishes for a great summer. I look forward to seeing you on September 12th!

Leanne Schultz

Acting President