Q&A with the Stingrays

Interested in starting up Swimming but have a few questions before you reach out?  Yup, we get it....

Below you will find the answers to the typical questions that our newest members have upon entering our program.

Q: What are your minimum prerequisites to join?

No experience necessary!

We've 2 pre requisites for joining in with our youth program:

  1. 6yrs of age, generally. 
    We need to ensure that all swimmers have group skills and are not needing the Coach's sole attention.  If your swimmer is younger than 6yrs, we do make exceptions for swimmers who have group skills prior
  2. 12.5m swim unassisted.  In any manner. 
    We just have to be confident that the swimmer can propel themselves to the wall or lane line as needed

For our adult program aka "Masters", we only require swimmers to be able to swim 500m (20 lengths) in no set time.  And it doesn't have to be pretty!

And for our Solo Stingrays (private programming) there is no pre requisite, simply the Coach's comfort level in working with your swimmer.

Q: Who are the Coaches and what training / experience do they have?

All Stingrays Staff are professional Coaches, trained and certified by the National Coaching Certification Program.  As well, Stingrays Staff retain annual memberships with the Canadian Swim Coaches Association and Swimming / Natation Canada; which mandates continual professional development.  In fact, if our Coaches don't continually up their knowledge & skills from season to season, their membership will be revoked. 

We are pleased to boast that every one of our Staff have a minimum of 8yrs experience in the Sport of Swimming, up to our our most seasoned Coaches with +/- 40yrs involvement.

To view our list of Coaches, click here!

Q: How is your program developed?

The Stingrays run a swim program modeled after Swimming Canada's Appropriate Athlete Development model, a guideline for the swimmer growth across the physical, mental, technical, and emotional child development stages.

Each of our Coaches develop their own training sessions - in line with the Lead Coach's Yearly Training Plan.  The daily goal is to challenge each athlete, create a learning opportunity, and achieve a level of success for the swimmers to take pride in.  

Q: Can we join at any time?

Yes.  The Stingrays offer intake for new members every month.  

On a similar note, membership with the Stingrays can be the full season or less than.  Members are welcome to withdraw at any point during the season.  We just need notice of withdrawal.

​​​​​​​Q: What are the costs?

The costs are dependent upon the skill level of the swimmer as well as the family's expressed commitment.

There are 2 sets of fees in joining:

  1. Annual Fee: Swim BC / Swimming Canada Registration
    we are a private, not for profit program separate from the Cowichan Aquatic Centre.  As such, all DST members require insurance, covered within the Swim BC / SNC annual Registration
  2. Membership dues: calculated annually with the option of paying in set installments

​​​​​​​Q: ok I like what I'm hearing but do the swimmers have to compete?


We are a competitive sports team that offers both Competitive programming and Non Competitive programming. 

All Stingrays Swimmers are taught the skills of our Sport so if and when a swimmer does choose to compete, they will be well equipped for a positive experience.  The choice to compete rest squarely on the swimmer's shoulders.  

To note: once the swimmers complete the FUNdamentals program, they have an option of joining in with our

  • Non Competitive stream: "SwimActive" or our
  • Competitive Stream: a la "D Group". 

Our Competitive group(s) do have the expectation to compete; we are a competitive swim program after all but do recognize swimmers join our Team for other goals and thus have the option of our Non Competitive stream.

​​​​​​​Q: Which days are available and how many sessions do we have to join?

The Stingrays run 7 days per week with all of our programming.  Your swimmer's skill level will dictate the options available to your family. 

We offer 1 day per week programming for all Non Competitive groups up to 3 days per week.  Typical sessions are weekdays and after school.  AM sessions become an option once the swimmers choose to join the Competitive program from C Group and higher.  

It is our recommendation that swimmers join for at least 2 sessions per week to better retain the skills learned from week to week, thus optimizing the opportunities for improvements.  BUT, we do recognize that families are busy so do offer the single day per week option.

​​​​​​​Q: Wait, wait wait!   This is great.  I've got further questions...

Cool.  We like that.  

Bring them forth to the zoom session please as others will no doubt benefit from your additional questions. 

Looking forward to meeting you!